Best Golf bag Review and Buying Guide

When we practice golf, nothing better than having a team that allows our sport to be much easier to carry and we can have each of our elements well protected and always safe. That is why it is important to have a bag to transport our golf clubs and each of the items we need. Getting the one that fits your desires and needs can be a complicated task because you will find many models and brands, but before buying yours, take into account three fundamental points: the materials of manufacture, the space that it provides and its mechanism of grip To help you with your choice we review the most outstanding models of the market highlighting 2 among the others and these are: Longridge BAS5TNSthat has resistant materials such as nylon and is also waterproof; and the Callaway X Series that has an extra easel so you can keep it on the stable playing field when you’re practicing the sport.

What is the best golf bag in the market?

Golf is one of the widely practiced sports in the world, and to be able to practice it with tranquility you must have all the objects that facilitate the game and one of them, are the bags for the transport of sticks or rods and other elements necessary to play with total comfort.

In the commercial world there are different types of these, but to know which is the best golf bag in the market, you must first analyze the key points, which are the materials of the same, anatomy or design and also the space that you they have, in this way you will know that you will be able to take to the field of play.

These points are according to a comparison of golf bags that you will get in the commercial world, so that you can make a wise choice that will help you to comfortably practice your favorite sport.

Callaway X Series

This model is manufactured as a golf bag for the car; It is made of materials resistant to weight and constant use, it is made of nylon and it has 14 dividing ways for greater organization.

For this reason it can be considered by some users, as the best golf bag for its large space inside that will allow each of the game implements, such as sticks, balls, putter, and in addition, all the other extras that you want to take to the game. field, such as water bottle or umbrella, have their area without colliding with the other. It has 7 different compartments including one for valuables that is lined in velvet.

It has an attractive design for its colors and has a shape that is stable at its base to be more firm despite not bringing an easel.

With Callaway we have within our reach what many qualify as the best brand of golf bags in the market.


  • Building:Constructed on the basis of lightweight and high quality materials, the present is a light and comfortable item that reaches 4.6 kg of total weight.
  • Stability:An extremely practical design has been included in the base of the product, which provides enormous stability to the bag, since it can be held practically alone.
  • Pockets:The bag is composed of a set of 7 pockets that allow us to place the sticks and everything that is necessary to load in a practical and highly organized way.
  • Design:It is a bag of 9 inches in diameter, whose exterior has been manufactured on the basis of ultra-resistant nylon materials, while the velvet interior serves to protect the integrity and good condition of your clubs.


Cleveland CG Stand

Considered one of the most spacious bags, this model has 8 zippered pockets and also space to carry 14 different golf clubs to the field.

Its design is also attractive, and this is thanks in part to its colors that are widely used in this sport, such as white with blue and red details. The dimensions of the bag are 930 millimeters long, 390 wide and 295 mm high, it is easy to handle.

It has a total weight of 5 kilograms and its loading mechanism is through straps that go to the shoulders and chest, so it will not be hard at all to be able to carry the weight inside.

When looking for good golf bags on the internet, it is necessary to look at the options that the Cleveland brand has to offer.


With highly resistant materials that make it durable over time and continuous use, this golf bag also has a support stand included so you can keep all the game implements stable while you are practicing your favorite sport.

It is also spacious, not only you can carry your game items such as sticks or different rods, putter, balls, among others, but you can also include in your bag your personal items in different compartments.

The total weight of the product is 3.6 kilograms, it is lightweight and has padded straps, when loading it is not annoying and there are no injuries due to weight, they are shoulder and you will take it wherever you want with just lifting it. Its dimensions in centimeters are 25.4 by 33 and 91.4.

Another model of stock market that is worth observing with attention is the product Titleist TB5SX6-014, an article that possesses all a series of interesting characteristics.


How to Choose a Golf Bag

In order to have more comfort in the field of play and look like a professional if you are a beginner, you must have a good bag of transport of each of your items, so you must buy one that suits your needs.

We have made a guide for you to buy the best golf bag you can find in the trade and some of the features that you must take into account before purchasing it are:


The design of golf bags, not only have to see colors and attractions; For golf you must take into account the form, since there are classic, known as ‘tube’ that allow you to store your clubs vertically and safe from external factors.

Most have internal compartments that allow the rods do not rub to avoid damage and are more orderly. Its transport mechanism is through handles that can be carried on the shoulder for ease of movement.

There are also more modern, which have different pockets both internal and external, you can take as many clubs and other elements to the field of practice of the sport and also, tripod that this works as a support base for when you can not load it the bag is stopped in the field without risks to suffer damage.

These are the most used nowadays for their comfort and their materials, which, like the traditional ones, always tend to be resistant to weight and use.


Apart from the design, another key to golf bags are the materials, these will depend on the resistance to use and also, the protection that your clubs may have. There are some that have extra mesh allowing each rod to be apart from the other in a safe way, these could be some of the most recommended in the market.

It is important that it is waterproof, and one of the most commonly used materials is nylon, although there are also plastics. This will allow any moisture that may be on the ground to be kept away from your game accessories and avoid damages that this may cause them and will protect them from the rains that may occur while you are playing.

You should also take into account the mechanism of their pockets for other items you want to take to the game, some come with Velcro or closures. The first ones are less resistant because with the use they can wear quickly, although you can replace them, and the second ones are more resistant and safe.



To be able to carry your game equipment everywhere it is important that the golf bag is light, remember that inside it you will locate the clubs, the putters, if you have several, and the different items that you will need in the field, like an umbrella, a cell phone , among others, and these suppose a weight more than indicated by the one that make them.

Most manufacturers use materials that are lightweight to avoid this problem of being loaded, weigh more than necessary, so you should look at the total weight of the product so you know if you can handle it by adding the load of the game items. There are of the 1.7 kilograms in advance, some of the heaviest can be 5 kg.

Also those who create them thinking about the weight that you will support, include novel grip mechanisms to facilitate the transfer. There are of hand, to load the shoulder or back, including both shoulders and with front straps to attach to the chest and distribute the kilograms evenly.


How much it costs is always important to know, and like most golf accessories, these tend to be expensive, but their price will vary depending on what has been previously described, the weight, materials and design.

You can get a golf bag that is good and economical, as you can get others that are really expensive. It is important that you know that these prices that we use here are for reference only since these can vary depending on the brand and model.

According to the latest price revision on you can get golf bags from 20 euros the easiest and without easel or tripod; up to more than 270 euros the most sophisticated and even with wheels for comfort.

What is the best golf bag of 2018?

Of different sizes, weights and materials you will get transport bags for your golf equipment in the market, there are also many commercial brands that manufacture them and their models are varied. Choose one that fits your needs, is within your budget and also, be among the best golf bags of 2018, can be difficult. To be you who choose which is the best golf bag we present the 5 most outstanding models.

How to use a golf bag

When it comes to practicing your favorite sport, you will surely want to do it in the most comfortable way possible. In this case, in the case of a widely practiced sport such as golf, it will be essential that you have a golf bag, ideal to keep all your game equipment in order, as well as facilitating the transfer of the clubs or rods and other necessary elements from one place to another.

Take advantage of every compartment of the golf bag

Take advantage of each space in your golf bag would be a key to get to have at hand any instrument you need while you carry out a game, in addition, keeping everything properly organized, you can experience a better experience with each game.

It should be noted that you can carry in your golf bag from the right shoes for the game, to the golf balls, the cell phone, as well as the essential clubs for the game.

Locate the golf balls in an accessible compartment

The golf balls will always be necessary in each game that you decide to carry out. It is for this reason that you should always have them at hand, in an easy and quick to locate compartment.

Put the game sticks in order

Keeping all the suits in order, it will be easier to locate each of them while you are playing, in this way you can have a range of possibilities between the different suits that you have and need to use.

Locate the longest sticks in the bag

Begin to sort the sticks by size and material, place the longest as drivers, woods, even hybrids in the back of the bag. Experts recommend that you organize your clubs from left to right, because if you place the drivers in the compartments that are closest to you, each time you decide to load the bag, they will collide with each other, causing the clubs to be damaged.

Now organize the irons correctly  

Afterwards, place the longer irons on the left side and try to place the rest towards the right side. In this way, you can see that the clubs will take shape and you will appreciate a better visibility of them.

Continue organizing the wedges in the stock market

Since these are the smallest clubs, you can place them in the front of the golf bag, so you will have a closer access to them; also try to keep the longer wedges to the left side and the shorter ones to the right side.

Place the putter in an accessible place

Being the most important golf club, you should place it in the place you consider with the best access in your golf bag, taking into account that the most convenient thing is to position it on the right side of the bag, as close as possible to you.

Keep your golf bag clean

From time to time it will be necessary to reorganize your golf bag. You can start by removing all the clubs and checking that they are in optimal conditions. If not, take advantage and change the ones that you have to change or, failing that, give them a little maintenance to restore them.

Subsequently, open all the zippers and empty the compartments thus removing all kinds of dirt. Once the cleaning is finished, proceed to organize everything in order, as indicated above.