Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews

The rangefinders help you to know with precision the distance to which your objective is, for that reason, you will be able to aim better and calculate the strength that you need to get your shots right during the golf games. If you are looking for one of these teams you will have to look at the level of reach they have, their operating modes, design and the increase they have. To help you select a device that suits your needs we have selected some models that might interest you, such as the Bushnell Tour X , which has two screens that you can vary depending on the lighting and allows you to increase the zoom to 6 X. Another model to Consider is the Suaoki LW600 PROthat allows to vary the operating mode in fog, range and speed, so you can adjust it as you wish. In addition, it helps you to perform precise calculations due to its reach of 600 meters .

What is the best golf rangefinder on the market?

If you have doubts about the equipment you are going to acquire, it is advisable that you know more about its characteristics, in this way you will know what aspects to check before making your choice. As we want to help you we have developed a guide to buy the best golf rangefinder, in which you will find more information about these products.

Bushnell Tour X

This equipment is considered by several users as the best golf rangefinder of the moment, this is due to its different characteristics, one of the most outstanding is that it has dual display technology.

It has two screens, one LCD and another red LED, which can vary depending on the lighting conditions to correctly observe the readings made by the device.

In addition to this, it has HD lenses that allow you to increase the zoom level to 6 x magnification, for this reason, you will have the possibility to observe your objective 6 times closer and you will be able to better appreciate the direction in which you should hit the ball.

In addition, it has Pinseeker mode, this feature helps the golfer know precisely when the meter locates the flag.

So that you can make the best shots, you have the Slope mode, which you can activate when you have to throw towards a slope, this measures the degree of angle and also compensates the distance based on the inclination. The functions and capacity of this model can take it to be the best golf rangefinder of the moment:


Design: One of the most remarkable aspects of this model is that it has dimensions of 12 x 8 x 4 centimeters and a weight of just 159 grams so you can easily take it to your practices and tournaments.

Legal: It also has a tilt function with removable section that makes it legal to use in tournaments when respecting the general rules of golf. In addition, you can choose between various options easily and quickly.

Accuracy: The buyers and users of this golf rangefinder indicate that their accuracy for measuring distances is quite reliable and has allowed them to know the field with greater accuracy to improve their game.

Zoom: The rangefinder lens can increase up to six times the distance you want to analyze to offer a more realistic and detailed image that will help you to direct the ball and the force exerted in the shot.

Case: So that you can take it comfortably when you play golf, the purchase of the rangefinder includes a carrying case that you can hang in the bag of sticks and so have it on hand whenever you need it.


Price: Although it does not have considerable disadvantages regarding its performance, one of the buyers considers that its price is a bit high compared to other rangefinder models.

Suaoki LW600 PRO

By using this product you will have the possibility to know exactly the distances to which you must make your launches. This is because it has a 6 X increase, which you can expand within a meter to perform accurate calculations.

It has an eligible multimode function that allows you to vary between different options, depending on the conditions of the game. Some of the modes offered are: weight, horizontal distance, speed, fog and range.

In addition, you will have the possibility to customize it as you wish, this will allow you to adapt it to your gaming needs. It is among the best golf range finders of 2018 and is a portable device that weighs no more than 152 grams, for this reason you can easily carry it wherever you go.

The capacity and design of the Suaoki models have made some begin to consider it as, possibly, the best golf rangefinder brand of today:


Capacity: The Suaoki model stands out for having a reading capacity that reaches 600 meters, more than enough for you to plan your move in advance and direct the ball more effectively.

Zoom: The lens is capable of obtaining a maximized image at 6X, one of the most recommended levels for working with telemeters, since it can stabilize the focus and offer reliable readings.

Modes: You can choose between different operating modes depending on the data you want to obtain, for example, horizontal distance mode, weight, speed, range, fog, among others.

Rain: According to its manufacturer, the manufacturing finishes of this rangefinder allow you to use it even in the rain, very useful for when you are in tournaments and the weather is not in your favor.


Accuracy: Apparently, this model has drawbacks when detecting flags, so some recommend making two measurements to ensure the results of the readings.

Eyoyo AF-700L

This team has a total of 5 measurement modes, among which you can vary depending on the sport in which you use it and the conditions in which you find yourself. These are: ranging, lock flagpole, speed, fog and scan.

It is a versatile product that you can use not only during golf games, but also for hunting, camping, tourism trips and for any outdoor measurement project.

It is possible to increase your zoon up to 6 X magnification, which will allow you to properly appreciate the position where the target is, since you will be able to observe it up to 6 times closer to you.

The Eyoyo team could be a practical and viable alternative when you do not know which golf range finder to buy:



Design: The AF-700L has a practical and sporty design. Its dimensions are 11 x 4.5 x 7.5 centimeters and it has waterproof qualities so you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

Modes: Works with a total of five measurement modes: ranging, exploration, flagpole lock, fog and speed, very useful for golf practice.

Uses: It can also be used in the area of ​​hunting, fishing, travel, tourism, camping and many other activities.


Lens: It seems that the lens equipped in this rangefinder does not have the best quality on the market, which is why it is a little complicated to stabilize the image.

Heavy: You should also know that its weight goes up to 499 grams, considerably heavier than other rangefinders.

Suaoki LW600

This model has a wide range of 600 meters, for this reason, you will have the possibility to measure very wide distances without any type of inconvenience.

It is possible to magnify the zoom to 6 X magnification, within one meter of distance. For this reason, the team has the ability to perform more accurate calculations.

For many users the Suaoki LW600 can answer the question of which is the best golf rangefinder, since it has an adaptable mode and a multifunctional one, each of them offers different options that you can activate depending on the conditions in which you are making the measurement.

Its design incorporates a side screen in which you will have the possibility to read the data and other measurements with ease, in addition, it is a portable device that you can load easily due to its light weight.

If you are a fan of the elegant sport of golf, you have probably already wondered if it is worth investing in a golf rangefinder. Take a look at the pros and cons of this model to help you decide:



Scope: The model LW600 has a range that covers the 600 meters so you can take advantage of playing golf or doing other activities.

Zoom: Your lens has a 6x zoom so you can focus the measurement point quickly and confidently.

Display: Unlike others, the LW600 screen is located on one of its sides to get a more direct view of the results.


Short distances: In the reviews section it is mentioned that it is not very effective for the measurement of relatively short distances.

Centimeters: One of the buyers is not satisfied with the product since it does not offer measurements with results in meters and centimeters.

Tonor Laser Rangefinder

This model has a built-in golf mode, which you can activate when you are practicing this sport and want to measure some distance. It is also possible to use it for other outdoor activities, such as hunting and fishing.

It has the ability to measure distances of up to 600 meters with a good level of speed, maintaining accuracy, so you can rely on the information it provides.

For your convenience you will have the possibility to choose between two switching units, which are meters and yards, you can configure it according to your preferences.

According to the manufacturer weighs only 190 grams and it is possible to use it vertically with one hand, for this reason, you will not get complicated when using it. In addition, it is resistant to water and is made shockproof, therefore it is durable and you will be able to use it for several years.

It is among the cheapest models and thanks to each of its features is considered the best golf rangefinder of price quality ratio at the moment. This equipment can become the best golf rangefinder for 70 euros, which also catalogs it as one of the cheapest among those mentioned:


Scope: The scope of the Tonor model is 600 meters, making it useful for outdoor activities in general, in addition to golf practice.

Format: You can offer the readings in two different formats: meters and yards, so you can choose the one with which you feel most comfortable.

Accessories: The purchase of this device includes a strap, a carrying bag, a cleaning cloth for the lens, a quick start guide and its corresponding battery.


Light: As commented by one of the buyers, it seems that the team does not work well if you do not have a well-lit environment.

Sharpness: Another buyer believes that the clarity of his lens could be improved.

How to use a golf rangefinder

The telemeters are devices that allow you to make measurements from one point to another with great accuracy without using any physical object. As you can imagine, one of the most useful applications of this tool is golf. This product will help you to know with a minimum error range how far your objective is, helping you to make a much more accurate shot with the application of just force and necessary to achieve the best results.

How does it work?

These devices have a laser that projects to the area you have selected. A beam of light is sent in the form of a laser and the time to reach the point is measured and bounced back to the device. With this we obtain the necessary data to obtain the measurement.

Start up

To start using your new gadget, you just have to insert some batteries or charge the internal battery you have. This will depend on the model you have acquired. Press the power button and you can start working with this tool.

Buttons and functions

Depending on the chosen device, you will have the possibility to observe the golf course with greater accuracy by taking very precise measurements thanks to the specific modes and functions for this game. So, you can add climatological factors to the measurement such as fog or wind. Elements that will affect the shot of the ball into the hole.

There are also alternatives that include technologies that take into account the curvatures of the slopes and obstacles up to the hole in order to make the measurements in the most correct way possible. You can check if your tool has these functions through the instruction manual that you will find attached to the product box.


Depending on the option you have with you, you will have, or not, one or more screens that will allow you to see the field of play with a very good level of detail. In addition, they include an intuitive interface where you will be shown the results of the measurements and the indications to make the correct shot. You need to know that these devices are specially designed for this sport, so distances are measured in yards.


It is important to review the contraption’s manual to see the type of protection it has. Some models are resistant to water, while, in general, the vast majority has great resistance to falls and dust.


The content of the box may include some extra element that helps or improves the product in some way. In this sense, you can see if the pack comes with a protective case, a mount to carry the rangefinder in the cart or similar.


Never look at the sun through the lens of the device directly or direct your eyes towards the telemeter lenses, since the laser is very dangerous if we observe it directly. Try to store the product in a place inaccessible for children.

Shopping guide


Before making your comparisons of golf rangefinders it is necessary that you know a little more about the operation of these devices, so you will know what are the advantages that they offer you when doing your sports practices.

The rangefinders help you to determine with a greater level of precision what is the distance that you are from your target. After you know this data you can decide how strong you should hit the ball to reach the desired area.

Usually these teams have a laser that projects to the area you have indicated, this measures the distance depending on the time it takes to reach the target and return to the device again.

To give you the possibility to better visualize the golf course and take the best measures some devices have different modes or functions, among which you can vary according to the conditions of the golf course, the game or your preferences.

Depending on the brand, some of these options may be fog, range, weight or speed. There are also manufacturers that include adaptive and multifunction modes.

On the other hand, among the variety of equipment that is available in the market you will find some models that have Slope technology, through which the devices measure the distances considering the curvatures of each slope.

If you want to acquire a team that has this function you must make sure that you can deactivate it when you want, since there are some tournaments where the Slope is not allowed.


Each team has the ability to project the laser beam at different distances, it is important to ensure that you obtain a model that has a good level of reach, as this way you will be able to measure quite wide spaces.

According to the indications of some specialists in this area, the level of reach of these devices must exceed 500 meters, otherwise the laser beam could not reach the indicated objective and would not offer reliable measurements.

To avoid this type of inconvenience many rangefinders have a range of 600 meters, thanks to this you can use them on the golf courses and also in other sports or outdoor activities.

Also, there are some models that have a much broader scope. This type of devices can be used to measure really large areas.


On the other hand, another of the aspects that you must take into consideration when acquiring your device, besides how much each model costs, is the zoom that manages to maintain.

Some golfers recommend being very careful when looking at the level of increase that this device can make, because if it is too high it will be very unstable when capturing the images and it will not be easy to identify the target.

The most appropriate thing is that you have a team that magnifies your visibility to 6 X of increase or more, so you can appreciate the flags and other objectives with precision and without so many problems of stability. This will allow you to aim clearly and hit with enough force so that the ball hits the target.


It is recommended that you choose a compact and lightweight equipment. Remember that you should take it from one place to another while you are playing and it can not make you feel uncomfortable, because this could affect your performance.

In addition, these devices should offer you a good level of visualization. To achieve this, there are manufacturers that design their equipment with a double screen and it is possible to vary between them to better observe the field of play.

Some models have the screen set aside, they contribute to observe all the data more clearly.

Finally, it is good to make sure you choose a quality model; Even if you are in search of an economic device the rangefinder has to be resistant to different conditions, so you can use it outdoors without problems.